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"Profound, feel-good lyrical pop” is how Berklee College of Music singer-songwriter Tarra describes her personal brand of music. Hailed as Mumbai’s homegrown, indie Taylor Swift by all those who listen to her, Tarra writes thoughtful and (sometimes a little too) relatable lyrics over catchy, classic, pure pop melodies. “Easy listening” would be the best way to describe her light, breezy vocals- and yet, those vocals manage to deliver hard hitting messages of vulnerability. 



Tarra loves to write about feelings - especially universal ones. She leans into emotion, and, with every song, hopes to capture a headspace and vulnerability that lets the listener into her world. Inspired by her own day-to-day experiences as well as those of her friends, she is an artist whose reflections every teenager and young adult will be able to find meaning, solace or catharsis in.

“Tarra's sweet yet edgy vocals transform each melodic line into lush musicality that grabs your attention” 
- Ai Love Music
“Relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies”
- Bong Mines Entertainment

Apart from making her own music, Tarra is passionate about connecting artists with their audiences, and works on brand strategy and social media for other artists. In her current role as a Music Industry Leadership and Innovation major at Berklee College of Music, she is the production management assistant for the Berklee Weeknd Ensemble, PR & Outreach Support Manager at the Berklee management club, and is working one-on-one with several artists to plan their releases.

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